Noor’s Big Birthday Blog Party

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As my favourite blogger is 11 years old tomorrow I am participating in this:

1. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

 I like to have friends round for a sleepover
2. Fruits or veggies?
3. Writer or reader?
4. Would you rather swim in the summer or make snow angels in the winter?
 swim in the summer
5. Who are your blogging inspirations? (Blogs and people)
6. Favorite blogs of all time?
 A Little Bit Of Sunshine, Impossible, Simply Me and Perfect Imperfections
7. What is your opinion on the selfie stick?
 What even is the selfie stick?
8. Favorite food?
 Hmmm……… I’m not sure
9. Are you homeschooled?
 No, but I want to be
10. Do you like unicorns?
11. Mac or PC?
Sooo happy birthday to Noor 4 tomorrow ♥
-Emily ♥♥♥♥♥♥

8 thoughts on “Noor’s Big Birthday Blog Party

  1. You make me soooooo happy! BTW, just wondering when I was going to get my prize for the writing contest? I hope that doesn’t sound rude, but I can’t wait to read it!
    Livy :0)


      1. You can get any picture of your choice if you have a WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or Google + account. For WordPress you will need to login to Gravatar using your WordPress account and change it. For Twitter, Facebook and Google + you click on an icon in the top left hand corner of the contact form and login. If you do this you will be using your profile picture from that account. Hope that helps ♥


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